Internship Opportunity

Amplitude9 – RPA Developer Internship

We are seeking a qualified, self-sufficient, and thorough developer to work remotely with our team and clients.

About Amplitude 9

At Amplitude9, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their missions.  We focus on government and nonprofits because we are passionate about public service and supporting goals for the greater good.  We understand that being well-versed in the culture and challenges our clients face is critical to implementing successful strategies and solutions. 

We believe technology solutions are beneficial only when people, process, and culture are aligned to maximize them. We measure our success in tandem with our clients – making the best use of resources and creating the most significant outcomes for the greater good our clients serve.


  • Work with teams to deliver Cognitive Robotics Software Automation Solutions
  • Understand and adapt to Cognitive Robotics Software Automation Solutions industry technology changes and gain software development understanding of new automation solutions
  • Participate with development teams to innovate Cognitive Robotics Software Automation Solutions to enhance client environment and solve complex client software solution challenges
  • Work with development teams to deliver high quality work in client software environments

Compensation will be determined based on certification and experience