Robotic Process Automation/Artificial Intelligence

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that can be used to automate repetitive, rules-based tasks. RPA technologies enable organizations to rapidly design, test, and deploy automation dramatically reducing an organization’s repetitive and high volume workloads. Popular uses of RPA include data entry, data reconciliation, spreadsheet manipulation, systems integration, automated data reporting, analytics, and customer outreach and communications augmentation.

At all levels of government, RPA can represent a profound change, with the potential to empower agencies with the capabilities to off-load a significant share tedious workload to improve service delivery capacity and employee morale. RPA is considered transformative because it incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to drive intelligent automation to not just follow rules but to learn and adapt in a changing environment. With effective RPA deployment, machine learning and intelligent automation are only a few, manageable steps away.

Many agencies have initiated RPA and AI programs to automate tasks of varying complexity. Automations developed to date have focused on multiple functional areas including finance, acquisition, IT, human resources, mission organizations, and security/mission assurance.

RPA automates tasks, not jobs, it is a powerful tool for creating capacity and reducing organizational workload. This allows employees to focus on higher value-add work while their ‘digital assistants’ perform the standard/repetitive work.

We support our clients with designing and implementing digital transformation solutions to empower employees do more with more – with digital assistants – in the era of do more with less.

We have helped organizations through complex digital transformation projects addressing technical, cultural, and change management challenges to ensure change and investment turns into real value. We believe that RPA and AI solutions should be implemented to support people to do more of what they love and automate the rest.

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