George Mason University

Use Case: George Mason University

RPA Helps George Mason University Automate Vendor Maintenance

Lower enrollment rates which translated into reduced tuition revenue, have caused employees and resources at universities to be spread thin. Many colleges and universities across the country are looking for ways to reduce organizational costs, save valuable time for their employees, and make the most of the resources available to help solve complex challenges. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the power to transform the educational landscape by streamlining processes to reduce organizational costs and optimize productivity. Amplitude9 has been helping colleges and universities run more efficiently by automating repetitive and mundane tasks that typically require a significant amount of human hours to complete, which allows employees to spend more time focused on other critical tasks. This type of automation is scalable across the institution, and creating a framework for the initial RPA implementation makes it easy to incorporate this technology into other departments.

George Mason University IMPLEMENTS RPA

Amplitude9 worked with the Mason IT and Finance and Administration teams to identify multiple processes that would yield a significant ROI, which were also prime candidates for automation. Recently, George Mason searched for a way to create more efficiency in Vendor Maintenance. This workflow was identified as the prime candidate for automation. The manual process of updating the Vendor Management System is a time-intensive task. George Mason employees first needed to log into the system, read and write the data into the system, attach W9 documentation, and submit the completed vendor record. This process took Mason staff 15-20 hours to complete each week. Amplitude9 developed a robust automation to process the data in a fraction of the time it would take an employee to complete the task. The automation was deployed to read multiple vendor spreadsheets, sign in to the Vendor Management System, input the data, submit the documentation, and follow up with an email to the Mason team to alert staff that the process has been completed and any exceptions that were found.


Implementing the RPA technology reduced the Vendor Maintenance process from 15-20 hours per week to just minutes, saving GMU employees valuable time every week. Allowing the software robot to complete this data entry also reduced the human error rates to zero and increased data entry accuracy to 100%. Additionally, this project included configuring an automation platform that can be used for rapidly integrating RPA into processes throughout the university, allowing new departments to benefit from streamlined workflows. By engaging Amplitude9 to facilitate this process, George Mason chose to support a local, small business with proven expertise in the field of RPA implementation.


Amplitude9 provides RPA solutions that improve service delivery, reduce organizational costs, and increase employee satisfaction. To learn more about how RPA can transform government organizations and educational institutions, contact a member of the team for your complimentary consultation.


• Low enrollment rates have led to reduced tuition revenue and universities are looking to reduce costs
• Automating Vendor
Maintenance workflow yields
significant ROI
• Employees can focus on other critical tasks


• Time spent on Vendor Maintenance is reduced from 15-20 hours per week to minutes
• Human error rate reduced to 0%
• Data entry accuracy increased to 100%