Montgomery County

Use Case: Montgomery County


In Montgomery County, Maryland, an aging Accounts Receivable invoicing process created challenges for employees tasked with manually processing the information. To complete the process, the user needed to interact with myriad systems retrieving and inputting data due to the lack of interoperability between them. The Accounts Receivable team would first access the Montgomery County e-portal, download the standardized accounts receivable reports, extract the necessary data, generate an invoice for each supplier using Excel, convert the Excel invoice to a PDF, and then email the PDF to the corresponding vendor.

Not only were employees wasting valuable time on these repetitive tasks, but the process was also prone to human error. As a result, the Montgomery County Finance team was looking for a way to streamline the process, create more efficiency, and reduce employee frustration while freeing up valuable time for employees to complete more complex tasks.

The Finance team engaged Amplitude9 to develop an RPA solution that could work cohesively with the multitude of systems (Oracle, Excel, SharePoint, email, and e-portal) and reduce the amount of time needed to complete the process of generating invoice statements.

Montgomery County IMPLEMENTS RPA

Amplitude9, using UiPath’s RPA technology, was able to design and develop a software robot that could perform various tasks across multiple platforms and systems. The bot was trained to securely log in to the e-portal and navigate to the Business Intelligence site and download the Accounts Receivable Aging Report as an Excel file. In addition, the bot was able to filter for select invoice types and exclusions and build a PDF statement that could be emailed to vendors with a summary report of the data for all accounts. The email was sent simultaneously to the vendor and the Accounts Receivable department, and the PDF summary was uploaded onto a SharePoint archive for future reference.


After implementing the RPA technology, Montgomery County saw a significant reduction in the time required to complete the multi-step process. Employees spent multiple hours weekly accessing 4,000 lines of customer invoicing, generating hundreds of pdfs, and sending results to 120 customer accounts. The RPA bot was trained to complete this process in just 25 minutes, saving many hours per week and reducing employee frustration. As a result, the county can collect a large sum of funds much sooner. Additionally, the RPA software removed the capacity for human error from the equation, allowing Montgomery County to rest assured that their invoices were being processed with 100% accuracy.

The automation is scheduled to run regularly, generate accurate results, and free up employees to complete more critical tasks. The creation of this automation is also scalable, so that other processes may also be streamlined throughout Montgomery County.


Amplitude9 provides RPA solutions that improve service delivery, reduce organizational costs, and increase employee satisfaction. To learn more about how RPA can transform government organizations and educational institutions, contact a member of the team for your complimentary consultation.

  • An Aging Accounts Receivable invoicing process required numerous employee hours to complete per week
  • The multi-step process was prone to human error
  • Montgomery County needed a way to automate the process with interoperability between multiple systems
  • An RPA software robot was trained to complete the process in just 25 minutes
  • 4,000 lines of customer invoicing across 120 accounts processed per week
  • Human error reduced to zero
  • Invoices are processed with 100% accuracy