State of Oregon - Oregon School Boards AssociationRPA for Document Management


The policy department of the Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) is responsible for writing and maintaining policies for over 200 school districts. 

  • Each individual district has hundreds of policies and thousands of documents 

Needed to convert all these files from WordPerfect format to Microsoft Word format.

  • Took one person more than a week to complete the conversion for just one individual district.

RPA Solution

RPA was used to:

  • Automate the tedious conversions. 
  • Enable the process to run overnight.


Cleared the entire backlog. 

  • Every single policy document for a given school district was converted in just 20 minutes.  

Reusable workflows, aided by quick implementation time and easy-to-learn interface.

  • Expanded their use of RPA from the policy department to the labor department. 
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