State of Pennsylvania - PENNVESTRPA for Document Management


High volume of paper, leading to retrieval issues and unorganized copies of copies. 

No central repository for tracking and indexing documents. 

No disaster recovery plan

  • Located in a historic building, meaning the files would be lost if there was a fire/flood.

RPA Solution

RPA was used to:

  • Create a single source digital document system that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 
  • Store and manage grant application submissions and its supporting documentation. 
  • Allow for external auditors to securely login and view files. 


Paperless transformation

  • Eliminated an entire floor of space that was used previously for record storage. 
  • All 29 employees now work from home. 

Enabled PENNVEST to stay current with Pennsylvania’s strict Right to Know law and other layers of compliance.

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