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Baptist Health of South Florida encompasses seven major medical facilities and outpatient centers. 

Each facility generates 837 inpatient and outpatient claim files, but the Patient Financial Services (PFS) department was only able to process one inpatient and one outpatient claim file each day. 

When the number of claims processed did not match the summary report, PFS personnel had to spend a lot of time determining which claims were overlooked. 

RPA Solution

Bots were used to:

  • Automate the daily transfers of the claims files (both inpatient and outpatient).
  • Generate audit reports and find discrepancies between processed claims and summary report.


Accurate, efficient claims processing and management.

Able to handle all of Baptist Health’s facilities.

Easy expansion

  • Over 40 different tasks have now been automated.

10 hours of manual work per week saved by clients on the other end of the 837 processes.

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