State of Texas - Medicaid OfficeRPA for Healthcare


Hundreds of providers seek to enroll in Medicaid every day, intensified by a surge of activity due to COVID-19

  • Provider enrollment specialists were performing 600 to 1000 searches per day.
  • Verification process spanned multiple organizations and databases.

RPA Solution

RPA was used to:

  • Confirm the provider’s medical license with the appropriate medical board.
  • Validate the provider’s participation in Medicaid.

RPA connected legacy systems in departments including:

  • Provider enrollment
  • Reference data management
  • Vendor management
  • Claims processing
  • Accounts receivable and payable


Speed – Processed 20,000 transactions in a one-month period.

Accuracy – Bots generated real-time reports and logged every step to assure an irrefutable audit trail. 

Scalability – Employees have drag-and-drop access to customize and create bots for new workflows. 

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